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About Us
About Us

EDUCOGATOR (formerly known as MyEduBlog) is one of Malaysia’s largest educational content community with a mission to collect, promote and improve the sharing of educational content through web-based platforms.

We believe that if a teacher is willing to publish a minimum of one knowledge note a month through his platform, if there are 500 teachers like him, we have obtained 500 knowledge notes that are very valuable. A year, these 500 teachers will successfully produce 6,000 knowledge notes that can further enrich the content of local education.

In addition, we are also supporting over 800 educators who want to have their own contents on the Telegram platform. Various activities are carried out, such as the annual gathering of content creators, workshops and 1:1 personal support.

Educogator Hub

The idea of ​​this hub is to automatically feeds each educational content to a special site. Therefore, this hub will be a collection site for educational materials as a major and important reference in education. The hub is still in the development phase, but is already beginning to be accessible. Don’t worry about the copyright of your content. We only load RSS content from your blog. If the user wants to see the content it goes directly to the original source which is your current platform

Educogator Meetup

Every year we will organise an annual gathering of experienced content creators with newbies with a different concept each. The event known as the EduBlogger Meetup has entered its second meetup (2019) and will be continued as EDUCOGATOR Meetup #3 after pandemics.

First Meetup at MaGIC, Cyberjaya

19-20 Mac 2018

Second Meetup at Apple Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

4-5 Dicember 2019

Our Meetup is an important event that you should not miss. Prolific writers such as Zamri Mohamad once commented on this event by suggesting that every educator, be in any niche, at least once participate in this program. The event will take place in the first week of December each year. Join our Telegram platform for any announcements

Words From Books Writer - Tn Zamri Mohamad

Cooperation Network

Previously, many parties have been willing to cooperate with this movement to help educators improve efficiency. Among them are, MaGIC, Apple Education,,,, Alam Sinergi Teknik and many more. We appreciate your contribution. Furthermore, in further strengthening this movement, we welcome any collaboration to drive Malaysian education to excel.

Team Behind Educogator
The Team

Cikgu Razif

MCKK school teacher that loves to share about technology and education

Cikgu Azhar

A Secondary school teacher that loves about Science and educational technology.

Cikgu IK

A primary school teacher that passionate about web development and educational technology.